kids & bathtime

yesterday was a busy day here at the farm!  I woke warm and peaceful with Lena snuggled up next to me.  Ever so quietly I slipped out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make my morning coffee and have my quiet time before my son woke for school & I would hear Lena’s little feet padding down the hallway to greet me with a sleepy little smile on her face, a morning kiss & hug.

I’ve been watching some of the girls lately with belly’s bursting, movement from within & the hollowing that comes when they are getting close to kidding. I flipped on the baby monitor …all was quiet except every now and again I’d hear Sierra talking.  Just little whimpers and baby talk … we go again.  Find yesterdays socks, slip them on throw on my bogs, grab a coat out the door! Tundra greets me with a bright eyes and Lily of course bouncing all over the place & all over Tundra to say “HEY!!”

All is good in the barn everyone is laying down snuggled with their sleeping companions, kids are stuffed under the upside down dog crate halves with butts showing as they have grown so much they barely all fit anymore and Sierra & her Little Girl are laying in the corner snuggled.  I knew from her facial language that we were going to have babies but how soon? I walked up & greeted her with kind words, offered my hand … lick lick lick … licky Sierra, babies were coming soon.  That is my sure sign, she licks you to death.  I told her to save it for her babies, I am always worried she will get dry mouthed &  have no lick left when they come, but she proceeded to lick my jammy pants ….. silly girl. Lily of course was right there at my side, in my face, under my hands all the while I continually have to push her back … finally I got her to settle down and stay in one spot! Well licky Sierra took advantage of that! & Lily took advantage of Sierras motherly instinct!

This was the silliest thing I had ever seen lmao just the look on Lily’s face was well I can’t even describe it. Sierra gave Lily a full facial & licked that dog until she was literally damp! & when she was done Lily would situate herself so that Sierra would lick her some more.  As she got closer to kidding I had to explain to Lily that she’d had enough. I have no doubt that this will only help with Lily’s bonding to her herd. (you can see video on my Facebook page)

Well now on to the rest of the story.

By this time my son had to leave for school & he called to say as he’d shut the door he herd Lena padding down the hall.  I had already made a call for help with her but until then I had to go to the house leaving Lily behind to take care of things, *fingers crossed* , I hoped & prayed everything would be okay.

… ahhh get to the back door and there is that sleepy smile.  Get in, turn up the monitor & explain to Lena what is going on while listening to Sierra holler, all the while hoping that Lily didn’t flip out and eat the kids or something.

By the time I got back to the barn (about 10 mins or less – they musta come out one after another – literally) there were 2 little boys on the ground half way cleaned already and Lily was doing her clean up.  We had to be corrected several times to wait for the rest to drop & not just go pulling.  Soon as she gave in to my correction, we waited a bit and then I herded Lily out so momma could finish up.


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