kids & bathtime … and now, the rest of the story

Can you hear Paul Harvey?

My husband read my kids & bath-time post & said, “you just left it you didn’t finish it”  “well that’s because I wasn’t done” I said.  The day was long ….

so I left momma to clean up and by that time all the other goats were out in the pasture.  I locked the gate behind me leaving Sierra, Emma & Hershey in the barn.  Lena & I visited with mom & ate some breakfast, visited some more & said our goodbyes for the day.

We played a bit, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen & prepared wash water for eggs.  Now Emma is a Myotonic goat & like I’ve said before, unless it’s feeding time or something is wrong they just don’t blab much, so I had to make a dash to the barn to see what she was talking about. Earlier that morning I had checked her udder and noticed that it was still full, but now TIGHT. Sure enough here we go again … I told Lena via the baby monitor that I was coming to get her, run back to the house to pack her up & find her washing eggs for me!  She broke 5 but was so proud and looking to me for approval I couldn’t be to mad at her.  Once again I explained to her that we had babies coming but that she was going with me because it was warm enough outside now … so we grabbed the rest of her corn dogs & off we went!

Now this delivery made me a bit nervous. It was the longest I had experienced thus far.  Only a hoof and nose were showing and coming no further.  Contractions stopped for a while (seemed an eternity) & I was sure this baby was going to be dead by the time it came out, if it ever did!  Lena on the other hand was calm and upbeat and made sure Emma had energy by sharing her corn dog with her.

I helped how I could & prayed knowing that nature would run its course & whatever the result, it was what was meant to be. Of course I am a fraidy cat & called a fellow goat granny for her support & experience & it never fails, every time I call her she gets there & I feel like an ass. Out pops the kid, she quickly wipes her face, I feel for nuts … no nuts! It’s a girl!  Yeah Emma!

She’s a pretty little girl … almost a grey color.  I will share more pictures soon!  Lena & I spent some time with new mammas and kept a watchful eye on Hershey.

Grandpa got off earlier than normal and Lena proceeded to explain how Emma had her baby while acting it out for him.  She truly is hilarious.  He laughed & I just wished I had a camcorder …


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