Tag Teamin’ it

It has been 2 weeks to the day that we brought Lily home and introduced her to Tundra & his herd … OH! I should introduce Lily to you!

Meet Lily,  at 5 months old she is a big girl …. and smart too.  These dogs are just naturals at what they do.  I couldn’t imagine keeping them  inside the house – as much as they make you want to because they are so gentle and lovable.  They are huggy dogs but you see them in their element and you know this is what they do and this is where they belong.

She and Tundra have already come to many understandings.  It is interesting to watch him work with her and guide her … letting her know who is the oldest guardian here.  They have a system in process already.  Tundra brave and fierce guardian that he is stays up nearly all night barking (literally) at whatever it is out there to make sure that his herd is safe.  I never hear Lily.  I caught on today to this system they have going ………

Tundra up all night and groggy in the morning soaks in the afternoon sun with many long naps

While Lily takes over Junk Hill looking after the herd

now she does not have full control yet, see she lies on Junk Hill and not Tundra’s hill back there to the right, it is much higher and nicer too. Tundra still gets up when necessary to see about things.  They say a Pyrenees or any LGD for that matter, always sleeps with one eye open.  I’d have to agree with that statement.  She still has much to learn but I am glad to know that I can rest easy with the knowledge that she has a wonderful teacher and that they both have good natural instincts for what they were born to do.


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