… just a little update I wanted to post for you as I continue my research on Borax, and shampoo free  solutions .

This morning I came across a new blog, The Herbwife’s Kitchen.  I am a big fan of herbs & their medicinal purposes and this is an awesome blog!

Rebecca had a very interesting post on going shampoo free – for good! Now if I had to do it over again I think that I would go her route, well there is no doubt that I would, but as I absolutely refuse to go back to loosing hair …. I will have to suffer through the slam dunk route I have chosen to be totally free of hair products, or in her words ” If you go cold turkey on hardcore industrial detergent-based shampoo, well, don’t blame me if your hair gets greasy and icky!”

Maybe my results thus far would be different if I had short hair??  No matter, my journey has started & must continue.  In the meantime if you are seriously considering giving up shampoo & conditioner & other “hair care” products,  Read her post HERE !!


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