‘poo’ IS poo poo

For many years now I have been loosing hair, I have 1/2 as much as I once did.  Every time I would shampoo I would have a very noticeable amount of hair wrapped around my fingers and would watch as I rinsed them under the water and it went down the drain, but WAIT! that is not all…then when I would go to comb it out MORE hair would come out! Even using a WIDE toothed comb did not matter it would still happen. If I blew it dry even more came out and then through out the day more still…. my husband held me while I cryed because I just knew I was going to be bald damn it – and it seemed like it would obviously be sooner than later at the rate I was loosing hair!

At the same time I discovered the Oil Cleansing Method ~ see my OMC post here~ I read about going shampoo free … if I was giving up washing my face with chemicals & crap why not my hair too? Seemed to me that the possibility of looking really homely & ugly would be easier to handle coming all at once than spacing it apart right? So the same day that I started the OCM ~ January 25, 2012 ~ I STOPPED washing my hair with shampoo & conditioner.  Let me just say Oh- em-GEE!!  It has been a trip…  (NOTE: I am not washing my hair every day or even every other day, only when it seems to need it)

First I used a concoction that I got from Tsh’s post about going shampoo free.  I used 1 T. Baking Soda per 1 C. of water.  I have long (thinner) hair so I had to use quite a bit of it to get into my scalp and through my hair.  I rinsed with 1T. lemon juice mixed with 1C. water. My result: very clean but dry, kinda what felt like stripped … BUT WAIT! When I combed it out … combed through pretty darned easily with a fraction of the normal hair loss and I had NO hair loss in the shower! When it dried I was left with hair that felt stripped (which was okay by me)… it didn’t feel so good so next day I tried the 1 T. Honey to 1 C. water rinse … okay that was nasty.  I was thrown back to the feeling of shampoo & conditioner, a tangled mess with hair loss … SO we won’t do that again!

I did some more reading on a website that I used to frequent, Earth Clinic, and I found the Vinegar wash method.  1/3 C. vinegar mixed with 3 parts water.  This woman said white or cider doesn’t matter – I had white so I mixed some up and in the shower dumped a batch over my hair & rubbed a bit and squeezed it down to the ends.  My hair IMMEDIATELY felt soft and wonderful!  I let it set while I washed the rest of me & rinsed my hair very well.  My results:  Soft hair, no hair loss, easy to comb through looked pretty all that good stuff.  I even asked my husband to smell it .. just a faint hint of vinegar was all … I was thrilled!

While reading I came across the Borax soap wash  that was used in the 1900 by women with long hair.  I had read about this before. Here is the information I used to make my “soap”

*****[YEA]  10/21/2009: Kantuckee from Green Road, Kentucky, Usa writes: “Years ago I picked up a small book of old timey cleaning recipes from the 1900s. In the last century before there was store bought bottles of cleaning concoctions people made their own products. Women with the long hair used Borax Water to clean their hair very efficiently. The recipe I use is 1 cup of Borax to 1 gal of very hot water. Let it sit for 24 hours and shake it occasionally. Use only the water from this jug to wet your hair and just squeeze through, don’t scrub. Rinse thoroughly and if needed do a vinegar rinse to clean any buildup.
When you are low on the borax water I add water and/or borax to keep the level right in the jug.
I hope this helps.” *****
and you can go to the web- page to read about Borax  here .

I did a lot of research & found all kinds of conflicting information about Borax and so far have come to this conclusion:  It is a natural product, of course I would never make a paste of it and put it on my hair nor would I do the same with soda – seems logical to me that might be an idiotic thing to do anyway, My grandma’s are still alive, progress isn’t always a good thing, do I trust the FDA & other government agencies really? (yes I am an X-FILES fan), hell it’s worth a try!

So I mixed me up a Qt of it.  That is 1/4 C. borax to 1 qt. water.  I used a glass mason jar – don’t think they had plastic back then and didn’t want any chemical reactions to occur – I followed her instructions and let it set 24 hours.  In the mean time I washed again with the vinegar /water rinse.  Hair still felt great but I noticed it seemed to get oily or greasy ?? but not dirty before my next washing. I used the borax soap and that was the best my hair had felt yet.  Still minimal to no hair loss.  Used the borax soap a second time that didn’t turn out as nicely as the first, so I then went back to the soda /water mix with a white vinegar/water rinse.  Cleaner feeling, not as heavy but it got that heavy oily but not dirty feeling again.  Now maybe this just means it’s time to wash, or maybe as I read White vinegar does strip the hair of oils & my head is producing more oil than it should (same as the OCM logic).  So I have bought cider vinegar to try instead of white vinegar, or maybe the ratio I’ve been using isn’t right for me?

I just colored my hair this Saturday past.  Everything felt fine until I put the conditioner provided in the box on my hair.  It wasn’t as bad as before BUT it was that same ole tangly mess with hair loss …….My conclusions thus far:

No matter what “natural” products & mixtures I have used on my hair (short of the honey) my results have been amazing!  The minimal to no hair loss alone is reason enough to me to keep searching for the perfect combinations of concoctions  and mix ratios that I will settle on to keep my hair clean & conditioned. Heck maybe my hair will grow back!

I have used shampoo & conditioners, d-tanglers, leave-in conditioners, silicone silkers, etc. etc. do I really know what hair is supposed to look and feel like?  How long does hair stay clean? My granny & many women & men of her generation get their hair washed only once a week and they are not gross …  heck Gran has a thicker head of  hair than I do!

I still have my borax soap and am going to continue research on it compared to what they make shampoo & conditioner with.  If it seems that it is no more dangerous to my health than commercial products & I find nothing better then I will choose the lesser of the two evils according to my pocket-book – that would be the borax …

We have VERY hard water here in the Hutchinson area & the vinegar seems to be great at neutralizing all that salt and crap in the water and it is paycheck friendly… lemon juice smells better but is a bit more costly

ohhh and most important … Shampoo really is poo poo!

I will keep you up to date with my adventurers and if you decide you want to break free of the poo poo please share your experiences with me!

PS if this post seems unorganized or half assed please forgive me, trying to keep track of / entertain a 22 month old little girl while putting together a post isn’t easy!

2 thoughts on “‘poo’ IS poo poo

  1. This is something that I’ve been researching and haven’t found a good answer for either! I’ve been using Garnier Frutis’ Pure Clean shampoo, which is a biodegradable formula that doesn’t contain silicone or phosphates, until I find something that works. Until winter came, I could go without conditioner and just used the apple cider vinegar rinse once a week. That’s not the case now with all of the dry air.

    I want to try the baking soda thing, but that’s something I want to leave for when I don’t have to leave the house for a few days just in case!

    • Julie, I don’t know if you read my update but like I said I would follow Rebecca’s recommendations for going shampoo free if I had it to do over again! Be sure to read her post with the link I provided n my update! I still don’t like the way the soda wash makes my hair feel. Still love the vinegar. I am definitely going to buy a real hair brush and try the 100 strokes each night!

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