Last Nights Joy

Every now an again I like to jump on the web and look to see what’s for sale.  This time I was looking at goats and I’ll be darned if I didn’t happen across two little faces that I was sure I recognized …….

I sent a text to the number and while awaiting a response did some quick digging through old pictures.  Sure enough? … I knew it had to be …  finally a confirmation text!

Gracie Mae’s first-born  …  Angel

Grace and Angel 2010

and her half-sister Emma Jane.

Angel and Emma 2010

Angel and Emma's daddy ... Triton

Oh my how they had grown and filled out.  Two beautiful well cared for girls. Better yet was finding out that Angel had recently kidded.

meet Joy DOB January 14th 6:10 pm

she's a cutie

why yes ... I believe it does!

SO does this then make me a GREAT Goat Granny!!??


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