good golly miss Dolly!

although cute I’d have to say bottle babies are very undesirable to most goat owners.  Not only do they demand your time 4 x a day at least for 2 months or so, but they grow up to be greedy little piggies who think you always have something for them every time you walk out to the barn/pasture.  They can be quite pushy too and if you get after them for it they look at you as if you are stupid for not seeing how important they are.  Sierra is a prime example of this – it’s all about her! Ask her, she’ll tell you!

ahhhhhhhhhhhh but they are so cute!

Miss Dolly having her morning “coke”

and her sisters jumping over her did not even break suction for a second!

I love the little dribble of frothy milk that she gets running down her face , and yes Sierra was right there beside me sticking her big fat nose in the way thinking she needed some of that milk. I had to keep stepping in front of her so Dolly could finish.  Thanks to Amanda  at  Marmalade Dairy Goats located here in Hutchinson, Ks Dolly is getting real goats milk instead of that nasty kid formula! She LOVES it!

I tried some too and it is GOOD.  I for sure see a dairy goat in our future …


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