Granny Interrupted

I was in the middle of updating “pages” after my last post this morning when a familiar sound came over the baby monitor ……… quick!! put my bibs,  shoes, scarf & jacket on!!  Out to the barn to see Fawny girl in process with momma/grandma standing close by and an audience of new kids intently watching

see told ya Zeva is a good mommy 🙂

it's a girl!

Poor Fawn wasn’t sure what to do as she looked to Zeva for guidance. I got baby all dried up as she cooled down before Fawn got her cleaned up. We found nipples & figured out you must stand still to let baby nurse.  Momma and kid are doing great …. she’s a talker for sure! and a little turd she is – unlike Ace – my gosh he is huge!


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