Big Bouncing Ace

Yesterday Zeva had her kid.  I thought for sure she was going to have 2 or even three but she had just one VERY BIG boy!

Zeva is a good momma

We named him Ace,  for his black little black heart shaped nose that reminded us of a spade which isn’t much of a name so Ace will have to do.

Camera shy?

Look at that big thick neck …… and his daddies colors. It will be interesting to watch him grow …  She wanted no part of Tundra helping her out – poor baby didn’t know what to think about that

confused boy

but I talked to him about it,  he listened patiently

and then I think he felt better and went off to do what he does.

I will keep updates and pictures of new 2012 kids on the Youngsters and New Arrivals page so check back now and again 🙂


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