Sally started the new year off with a bang!

I woke in the morning and looked out to the barn as I always do.  I noticed Sally, tail straight in the air and hunching in her hip area and knew she was laboring. By 11:45 we had a Bubbles – then 45 minutes later a Dolly and 15-20 another little girl (haven’t named her yet).  Sal did great and my husband got to actually witness the birthing process from beginning to end. I think he has a new appreciation for what the female species is capable of 🙂

These are quick snaps of each kid – I will of course have to get more and do another post! They are so stinkin’ cute and already beeping & bouncing around.  Momma is doing great loving and talking to her kids, I love to hear the mommas coo …….

Tundra was most excellent  for this being his first experience and performed his job patiently and quietly with little correction

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