I’ll have a blue Christmas ………….

I had mended my husbands work jeans until it was impossible to do so anymore.  Thanks to my dad’s weight gain & my hubby’s weight loss he got some old/new work jeans! Saving me a trip to Goodwill!

but what to do with all these jeans I have accumulated??

Make STOCKINGS!! I have family coming for Christmas …….so I set out to make 12!    Here are a few for you to see ………

on the far right is the stocking my niece designed for her momma - I stitched it up for her 🙂

this one I made with some old "fur" my Granny recently gave me that back in the day she made a rug & "commode" set - can you even find this stuff anymore?? Well I think it worked quite perrrfectly for this stocking

Letting nothing go to waist .........

Lena insisted her baby be in this picture

nothing fancy and not all are pretty but they are practical and some are extra special like this one

...........designed with a pocket on either side for more stuffin'!

details ........

using scraps of material to cover up holes in the old jeans adds to the charm of these "poor man's stockings"








































this is from some of my favorite material that I am finally making a quilt from ..... it reminds me of my oldest boy when he played little league


These are much more charming and warm than anything I have found in stores and as always with scraps the creative possibilities are endless!


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