recycling momas gifts

brrrr – it’s getting cold!  As I said before we moved into this house that should be gutted or burned & rebuilt but as both would be costly here we set.  The land was in pretty much the same condition unkempt.  Dead trees and CRAP everywhere.  We have done a lot of clearing & cleaning and I have done a lot of cussing but am also thankful for those trees now.  Last winter we found a great deal on an old wood burning stove.

Poor ole thing was dirty and surface rusty in spots so I buffed it up with bacon grease last winter.  Shined up like a new black penny. It’s not so shiny now as all the bacon grease has cooked off but it sure smelt pretty good while it was! We were not able to use it last winter because we rented but this year I am lovin’ it!  We got one of those tube heat reclaimer blower ditties to install ~ works great~ and I got one of my Granny’s old aluminum pots full of water to set on the burners to put much-needed moisture in the air.

Our furnace hardly runs!  I love saving $$

BONUS!! The chickens are going to have an endless supply of wood ash to dust in!  Recycling natural products, can’t beat that!

Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking the time to install the stove, to my son for splitting wood & me for stacking it and Mother Nature for providing for all of us and the way she does.


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