Lions !! No Tigers or Bears! OH MY!!

The “cover” picture doesn’t seem to be showing up??  Here is one that I found at The Bird Freak to show the similarities:

Here is what our wildlife camera snapped.  It would appear to be a BIG CAT.

The bottom of the feeder out there is 3 foot OFF the ground!  My husband did some scouting around out on ours & the neighbor’s land and found an area way off near a tree row were something “big” has made a “bed”.  He also found “BIG” bones and an area that there appeared to be a large scuffle.  He reported this to me BEFORE we saw this..

OH MY thank goodness we have our non-stop barking Tundra, but still I think the goats better keep their lips zipped while it is dark outside!
Here is another view:


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