and then there was light …….. well one so far!

As I have time I look around the internet for other crafty folks to keep my mind in the game.  With so many things in my head and projects in the making it is easy to get lured into a stall zone & go numb.

A while back I found Gina over at The Shabby Creek Cottage. She has a great blog and Etsy store.  One of her projects inspired me to start filling my house with light! With an old house that should really be gutted and/ or “rebuilt” it is something we need as many of the rooms have no light or fixtures that do not work. I have thought since we arrived here – I NEED  LIGHT!! but everything is so damned expensive.  THANK YOU GINA for this great idea!!

I have chickens ………. chicken wire is plentiful round here! My girls are the sharing kind of birds ………. here we go!!

This looks like a good-sized hanging light








I took a scrap to cover the top.  My husband had some Kevlar gloves that I used when twisting the scrap wire to my lamp “frame”.  Finger savers those were!! and easy to use.








I picked out some material that made me feel warm & happy








measured carefully 🙂 leaving myself about  1/2″ on each side and making sure that it was long enough to wrap around my frame with a seam allowance








I then turned that under around all 4 sides with the iron

and sewed all the way around for a simple finished edge








I wrapped my wire up like a baby, slipped a stitch with needle & thread & tied off the top bottom & middle, maybe we could call it “tacked” in 3 places.  Used a glue stick down the center seam to hold it all in place smooth.  My husband bought me a Portable Hanging Pendant with a 15 ft. cord from the store.  He had to get me some washers to use to connect the pendant to the wire frame due to the design of the pendent.  It was the only thing he could find with a long enough cord.








There you have it!!








I can’t wait to make more!  Think of the possibilities.  Adding some “fringe” to the bottom, making a lamp shade for a table lamp, rick rack for a kiddo.  Some round bedside hanging lamps covered in a romantic fabric for the bedroom.  My thoughts  are endless!!


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