Mud Pies and Mahem

Give a kid a dog bowl, access to the “watering hole” and you got yourself a recipe for FUN! Yesterday was a beautiful day and Lena and I decided to spend the most of it outside.  By the time afternoon rolled around the sun was hot so I thought what the heck, I’ll let her…..

and I’m not gonna get told “no”, well then
ahhh I don’t really know about tasty ….
here grandma YOU try some!
they say curiosity killed the cat but in this case it may just cause them to get wet!
ingredients are important and readily available from Mother Nature
she enjoyed the interaction of her audience
ooops! not the cats that got wet! SO important to watch your step in the “kitchen” thank god I put her in play clothes
that however does not deter a chef from the important task of making mud pies
It’s just to much fun!
we ended our baking session when she started to drink the water – YUCK.  Cleaned up with a nice soapy bath had dinner and ended our day with grandpa taking us on a ride in the cart behind the mower through the 7 acre wood out to the back 10.  It was fun fun fun!! 

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