ahhhhhhhhhh to be a cat

So I know I said tomorrow, what a busy weekend I had! After feeding Saturday morning I started cleaning up my yard in hopes that my honey would get the mower fixed so that I could mow down what was beginning to look like a hay field!  That was nearly an all day event BUT I got it done.  Midday back hurting sore & tired I walk through the water shed to get something or another and came across this inviting sight,


If only I were smaller!!  Ten lazy kittens chilling on the hay bales.  Lucky kitties.  After taking several photos I continued work while my honey helped the neighbor take down dead trees, cut them up & hauled them over to our wood pile for the winter.  We ended our day with a nice little bon-fire from the wood pile I had made and relaxed with family. Yes those kitties were then wide awake & enjoying our presence outside & the warmth of the fire.  It was a good Saturday night!

Sunday I forgot my camera but we took Sally & Sierra out first thing in the morning for a walk to the back 10.  These girls are our Red Headed Queens.  They are the ones that started it all!
It took some coaxing to get them through the 7 acre wood without them stopping to chow everything in site down.  I finally got a tree branch & drug it behind me as they followed closely stepping on it from time to time stopping me mid walk so they could eat the leaves.  Once we got them through the woods they did great.  We all stayed in a group & they got to forage the plum thickets & various trees & grasses.  Like my husband said , “they are going to go back & tell the other girls that they went to heaven”.  They even got to say hi to some horses. After our lovely walk I got to mow!! My yard looks wonderful, spent time with family & our animals.  I didn’t get to sew any :o( but I always enjoy hard work and getting to smile at the results. My Sunday ended with my husband making dinner! and watching The Rock with my son and husband. I love my life :O)

but if only it were this easy .............


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